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24. December 2009 - Merry Christmas
We wish you a beautiful Christmas and happy new Year 2010!.

August 2009 - Cypron Studios at GamesCom Cologne.
We are attending! Meet us and make an appointment with us.

June 2009 - Jagged Alliance DS shipped in North America.
One of the biggest strategy game series of all time makes its way to a new platform - Nintendo DS. Available in North America. Order it now!

24. December 2008 - Merry Christmas
We wish you all a Merry and Peaceful Christmas and a fantastic new Year 2009.

1. November 2008 - Change of postal address.
Cypron Studios has moved to new offices at Puskina street. Also, our phone lines are temporarily out of order. Check out contact section.

26. August 2008 - Jagged Alliance DS
Jagged Alliance for the Nintendo DS is currently under development with Strategy First Inc. and is due for release in 2009. Click here for details..

Cypron Studios at GC Leipzig!
We are going to attend the GC in Leipzig on August 21st. Are you looking for a developer to develop your Nintendo games? You may send an email to make an appointment with us.

3. June 2008 - Command and Destroy trailer
We have released an official trailer from the first real-time strategy for Nintendo DS!

03. February 2008 - Command and Destroy
The first Real-Time strategy for Nintendo DS announced!.

Cypron Studios at GDC !
We are going to attend the GDC in San Francisco in February. Are you looking for a developer to develop your Nintendo games? You may send an email to make an appointment with us.

24. December 2007 - Merry Christmas !
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cypron Studios.

Gods: LoI Special Edition Released !
Strategy First and Cypron Studios are proud to announce that the English version of Gods: Lands of Infinity Special Edition was released. You can buy it at stores or from Strategy First`s web site.  Digital version will be also available on Stardocks in a couple of days. We would also like to take a moment to thank you all for your understanding, and your patience!

New game from cypron studios!
We are pleased to announce that we have finished a sequel to State of War series called State of War 2:Arcon with cooperation of czech developer Cinemax. For more information check on

Gods SE in North America soon!
Ladies and gentlemen, Cypron Studios is honored to announce that we have found US publisher for our long expected title GODS:Lands of Infinity SE. Our partner in this exciting venture is no one else but renown worldwide developer and publisher Strategy First - the first among strategy based game distributors and developers founded "by fans for fans" in 1990 with headquarters in Montreal, Canada and London, England. Share with us undying passion for strategy gaming as well as lasting partnership against the odds so unique in today’s business world.

Cypron's PR in the final of Miss Universe Slovakia 2007
Cypron Studios wishes the best of luck to the most beautiful team member (PR) in our midst Miss Zuzana Tutterova. Zuzana claimed decisive position in shortlist with another 11 candidates for Slovak beauty queen contest called Miss Universe Slovakia 2007! Final evening takes place in capital city Bratislava on March 31st 2007. If you are Slovak resident and would like to support such a rare sight in gaming industry as this young lady definitely is, place your vote by following these instructions (for Slovak residents only).

20. february 2007 - Gods: Lands of Infinity Price Cut!
Due to upcoming release of Special Edition of GODS: Lands of Infinity we have cut price of the original game’s digital download edition to $19,95.

15. january 2007 - Gods: LoI Special Edition Features Revealed!
GODS LoI SE has finally been completed. Many players have been curious about the changes between the original version and the special edition. We spent quite a time in attempt to add as many new features as possible. The outcome was a game dressed in a completely new, more attractive fashion boosted with various bonus stuff. We bet you wouldn’t tell it’s the same game by the look at some of the new screenshots! Read more...

28. december 2006 - Happy Holidays!
Best wishes and plenty of quality time spent with our games in fast approaching 2007. As a token of appreciation for all our fans and gamers we have fashioned special wallpaper so that we all have something to look forward to in the New Year.

5. december 2006 - Gods: LoI Special Edition Wallpapers!
We are proud to reveal you the first desktop wallpapers with GODS: LoI SE theme featuring our new face for Vivien. Now she is more real and more beautiful than any heroine we’ve ever created! Enjoy her and decorate your desktop with one of the three wallpapers which you can find in the gallery.

20. november 2006 - Kyla Cole in GODS !
Cypron Studios signed an exclusive contract with Kyla Cole to become an official face for Gods game. Cypron studios is going to release a special version of the game called GODS:Lands of Infinity SE with Kyla Cole as a main heroine - Vivien. Click here for more info.

17. august 2006 - State of War - Warmonger version released!
The English version of State of War - Warmonger was released trough digital distribution.

4. august 2006 - Cypron Studios Opens Up New USA Office!
Cypron Studios is slowly expanding, and we have now officially opened up our newest office in beautiful, downtown Moyock, North Carolina, USA - right on the scenic Currituck Sound and along the very historical Outer Banks.

3. august 2006 - Cypron Studios gets Nintendo certification!
We becomed an authorized Nintendo DS developer. Now we can develop games for NDS handheld. We will announce the first NDS title soon. STAY TUNED!

6. july 2006 - Gods: english version released!
Stardock’s TotalGamingNet and Cypron Studios are proud to announce that today the English version of Gods: Lands of Infinity was released for digital distribution. We would also like to take a moment to thank you all for your understanding, and your patience!

27. june 2006 - GODS: English release date.
We have just sent GODS MASTER ENGLISH to Stardock. They need some time to test it. So, official release date for english version distributed by Total Gaming Net set - July 5th!!!

1. may 2006 - GODS: Lands of infinity Official Website is Born.
We believe you will find here a lot of useful information, catchy screenshots, artwork and music or the latest updates.

1. february 2006 - GODS: Lands of infinity new demo released.
Download the second version of the GODS demo (Gold Stage).

17. january 2006 - Gods: wallpapers!
Personalize your desktop with an official Gods:Lands of Infinity wallpapers.

20. december 2005 - GODS: Lands of infinity FINISHED!
Gods Master CD is ready! Release date set Q1-2006.

27. august 2005 - GODS: Lands of infinity
Playable demoversion. Download official GODS demo here.

5. august 2005 - GODS: Lands of infinity
ingame trailers from beta stage (Land of Snow, Elven Realm). Download trailers here.

20. june 2005 - GODS: Lands of infinity
GODS: Lands of Infinity Beta version has just been completed. Presently, we are testing the game and debuging. Negotiations with the publishers that showed interest in the game have been also intensified. We bring you the newest screenshots from the Beta version. This time, you can look into our charming Elven Realm..

8. june 2005 - GODS: Lands of infinity
ingame trailer from beta stage (village, dense forest, stronghold). Download trailer here.

6. october 2004 - GODS: Lands of infinity
We have upgraded our 3D engine "Spirith". Have a look at the new hot screenshots to GODS: Lands of Infinity here.

1. june 2004 - State of War : WARMONGER demo available
You can download Warmon- ger demo here.

6. apr. 2003 - Command & Destroy Advance
Cypron Studios is coming on Gameboy Advance. Check info and screenshots here!

4. feb. 2003 - GODS: 3D Tech-demo available!
Download tech-demo here. It is a non playable preview of the 3D engine used in the game GODS. It displays Elven temple and its surroundings.

map Cypron Studios in cooperation with EC-Interactive are proud to announce the first Real-Time strategy on DS.


Command and Destroy DS is a classic real-time strategy well known on PC platform such as Dune 2, Red Alert, KKnD or Starcraft. It offers all important features, well-known from PC real-time strategies, which guarantees maximum gameplay experience.


--- Humans vs Aliens - two unique sides with different armies

--- Two-cards Multiplayer

--- Sophisticated Controls

--- Over 50 units and buildings

--- Combine various features to defeat your enemy: transport, sell, repair or capture enemy building or units

--- Mobile bases - build up new base behind the enemy lines

--- Fatal Weapons

to watch Command and Destroy trailer click HERE


Command and Destroy is OUT NOW!

US Cover Box:
North American version will be published by Destination Software Inc


EU Cover Box:
European version will be published by ZOO Digital publishing




Command and Destroy DS is a classic real-time strategy well known on PC platform such as Dune 2, Red Alert, KKnD or Starcraft. It offers all important features, well-known from PC real-time strategies, which guarantees maximum gameplay experience. (See KEY FEATURES below). Player acquires credits by exploitation of oil and uses them to build his army. By credits player can build new structures, new units and new technologies. It is up to player strategic planning and his choice tactics to defeat the enemy. Considering that player can produce many utilities with several functions there are numerous prospects of strategic planning and warfare strategy.

Command and Destroy is a war strategy taking place in the near future where there are two different armies standing against one another. Player is placed in charge of a leader of selected army with which he will gradually complete all missions and defeat opponent armies.

There are two modes of the game available: Campaign (Singleplayer) and Multiplayer.



Campaign is the story driven mode for one player. In this game mode you can choose your army. If you choose HUMANS you will stand against unknown unpredictable aliens seeking dominion over a planet colonised by Humans. Or you may choose to lead the ALIENS army, who have arrived from outer space and plan to invade the Colony. After choosing which side you wish to lead, you are ready for your first encounter with enemy.

Both sides have different armies with different campaigns. Each campaign contains 12 missions so there are a total of 24 singleplayer missions in the game that guarantees approx. 30 hours of pure game play.

For Campaign mode, we have created multiple type missions. Major parts of there are player’s all time favorites – gain resources – build army – vanquish your enemy. To put even more spice in there are going to be special type of missions such as escorting of convoy across enemy territory, protecting of a base under massive enemy attack or complete various task with a small number of soldiers.


The multiplayer game is designed for two players. Before the players may begin the game, they both have to select a map to play and the army they want to lead (HUMANS or ALIENS) type of the base (mobile or normal), differing amounts of the credits, technological levels, number of units on start (0, 3 ,6 or 9). Combinations of these assets offer hours and hours of ongoing gameplay.

In order to play in this mode, two Nintendo DS systems are required.



We are making an effort to make each battlefield a unique experience so there are varied backgrounds for each mission from green forest to yellow deserts and snow covered areas. Natural obstacles on the surfaces are represented by cascade relief, rocks, rivers, seas, forests, craters etc. We also have a few specialties ready such as alien wracks, which will cover whole map.


The human and alien forces have different infantry, vehicles, facilities and heavy-duty weaponry at their disposal meaning that you have to adjust your tactics and playing style to suit the units under your command.

Check out the complete LIST OF UNITS AND BUILDINGS

dual screen A major part of game playability lies in comfortable controls. The game is based on “point and click” type controls. With the first “click” a player can select a unit and with a second “click” can choose a target action. There are no popup menus to distract from the game experience. Command and Destroy automatically regards an action as a move or attack depending on the targeted area.

The game is spread over two screens, with one screen dedicated to user interface (UI) and the other screen is dedicated to the real-time battlefield. You can “touch” and “feel” the battlefield screen as well as the radar and production components located on the user interface. The UI and battlefield screens are swappable in-game at the touch of a button. Since the majority of players hold the Nintendo DS system in their left hand and the stylus in their right hand, by default, the L Button is used to swap between the screens. Left handed users can change this to be R Button in the options menu .

Top screen shows soldier training options and structures/units construction options. In order to construct any building you must build the construction yard for your army (HEADQUARTERS for humans, UFOBASE for Aliens). Consequently the User Interface displays all type of available buildings. In order to train a unit - Barracks for Humans or Breedpod for Aliens has to be built. It is possible to put upto six units into production by tapping the stylus or pressing A Button six times on the same item.


A major part of the game is gathering resources for your armies. Finances (credits) can be accumulated by seeking oil sources and their extraction. Oils sources appear as small black pool on a map.

Every barrel of oil you extract is turned into credits necessary for building base units, training your army and strategic planning. An effective combination of these rudiments will lead to the ultimate defeat of your enemy. Both armies process oils in different way.


--- Sophisticated Controls ---
Command and Destroy controls offers all features which players know from the best PC real-time strategies. It use classic scheme like "select unit - select destination" and the cursor changes automaticaly to MOVEMENT or ATTACK mode. It is also possible to use GROUP SELECTION by a drag box or double click over a unit. Command and Destroy takes advantage of the unique features inherent to the platform; namely, the stylus and dual screen.

--- Dual Screen ---
We wanted to keep both screens as tactile as possible. Being able to touch the battlefield, radar and production components is highly desirable. We’ve achieved this by making the UI and battlefield screens swappable in-game at the touch of a button.

--- Transport units ---
You can assault your enemy using transport units. Transport units can carry several soldiers stealthily behind enemy lines. The Humans use a CHINHOOK to transport their troops, while the Aliens transport their troops by using a highly advanced technology unit called the TELEPORTER.

--- Repair buildings and units ---
- HUMANS: If there are several damaged human units, you can select them as a group and send them to REPAIR YARD. All units in the group are fixed automatically one after another.
- ALIENS: Alien units have a self-recovering capability. A Psionic unit is capable of repairing alien structures and turrets only.

--- Sell buildings ---
You can sell any building if neccesary and you will get a part of that money back (75% or less depending on how badly the building is damaged).

--- Capture enemy buildings ---
Try to capture as many enemy buildings as you can. All captured structures count as a part of your base. That means you can build your own structures around them! Plus you can use and produce all captured technologies as well!
- HUMANS UNIT: Engineer
- ALIENS UNIT: Psionic

--- Research ---
As you play the game you will need to build a research complex. This allows you to develop advanced technology buildings and units which are not available in the mission normally.
- ALIENS BUILDING: Intelligence

--- Radar ---
Use the RADAR map to quickly navigate on the map. Move your stylus over radar screen and select a place where you want to move to. The radar operates under these conditions:
- HUMANS: radar built with a sufficient power supply.
- ALIENS: their radar scanner is already embedded into the main Ufobase structure.

--- Mobile bases ---
Sometimes it is necessary to build a new base in a safer location or near oil sources. To build a new base use:
- ALIENS UNIT: Mobile base

--- Fatal Weapons ---
As your game play progresses fatal weapons become available for your army. These weapons are very effective and very dangerous, because there is practically no defense against them.
- HUMANS: Paratroopers, Plane bomber and Nuke missile
- ALIENS: UFO Attack, Cruiser UFO and Meteor storm

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